DIY: How to Have a Large Time in a Little Space

Just because your are living in less than 500 square feet doesn’t mean you have to stop from having a good time. Some of the best times I’ve had were in a room packed with friends and people I had yet to meet. However, if you aren’t looking to get cozy just yet there are a few tricks to making the most of your space.

Christmas Dinner 2012.jpg

There has been an occasion or two where I’ve needed to move the couch into my bedroom to make room for a dinner party. But if you don’t have the luxury of finding extra seating (or having a couch that you can move easily) why not use it as a seating option at the table? If your couch isn’t tall enough you could add some bed risers or even switch out the legs yourself (most are removable and available for purchase at a local hardware store).

couches and tables.JPG

Carnegie Hill Apartment by Inc. Architexture & Design Couch Dining designs by Cottage Industry Interior

Sometimes the pieces in your home have to become multi functional. This could mean clearing off some shelves and using it to hold your glasses and appetizers instead of books for the evening. Or even finding furniture that can change size like this convertable table from Stakmore sold on Amazon. It can go from a small console size to seating for up to 6 (or more if you really squeeze in). You might also want to consider extending this transformation effect to other pieces in your home. In a smaller apartment I lived in, my washer and dryer sat side by side in the kitchen and took up the only space I had for a table. To keep the space functional I decided to turn them into my new sideboard.

washer and dryter.JPG

To accomplish this I went to a hardware store and purchased a thin piece of plywood for less than $15. I then had it cut to size so that it would fit on top of the washer and dryer (note: make sure you have a vehicle large enought to transport your materials... otherwise you will be stuck in the parking lot scratching your head). From here you could sand it, stain it, or even paint it to give it a nicer finish (keep splinters out of your clothes if you use it as a folding table). I however went a much simpler route. I purchased rug tape for around $10 at this same hardware store. Rug tape is simply a roll of 2.25” wide rubber that has an adhesive backing.

Party DIY rug tape.JPG

I’ve used it on rugs, shoe racks, even a giant mirror that leans up against a wall to keep it from slipping. For this project I used it on the bottom of the plywood to keep it from moving and from scratching the top of the machines. Come party time I would throw any table cloth over the top of this and set out all kinds of snacks and drinks. This created much needed space in a quickly populating environment.


Sometimes planning a party can be difficult, and havng the space of a shoebox to do it in can make matters worse. But with some out-of-the-box thinking you can put on a great event that all your friends will love!

Photos Courtesy of Lauren O'Neil

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