Sunday Brunch: We Doughnut Waffle Around


Here at IME we love a great party, and of course great company. So combining the two is a no brainer for us. However, if the idea of throwing a dinner party seems a little too intimidating we completely understand. There is a lot of planning that goes into cooking a meal for a group of people. If you are looking to host a gathering for your friends why not have a brunch instead? The simplicity of breakfast fare combined with its filling and delicious nature is a sure way to win over your guests. Reasons you might prefer a brunch over a dinner:

  • brunch can be a less formal affair than a dinner and more relaxing.

  • having something in the middle of the day still leaves you with time afterwards for clean up and getting to bed at a decent hour, or just simply relaxing.

  • prices for eggs and waffle mix is significantly easier on your wallet then steak or chicken.

  • there is an entire world of breakfast cocktails that would be less likely served at evening hours

If you want to give your party its own creative license try offering things like a waffle and/or a mimosa bar. This allows everyone to use their imaginations and create concoctions that appeal most to them, all while freeing up the time you would have spent putting it together for them. These things are fairly easy and can offer a big impact at parties with little effort. Mimosas are delicious with orange juice, but providing other juice options like cranberry or mango can inspire your guests to really get creative. Flavored bitters such as lavender, vanilla, and citrus can be expensive at $10-25 a bottle; but are great investments and good to have on hand at any time (unless you are the DIY type and want to attempt to make your own). Offering a variety of cut fruits for both drinks and food adds color to any set up. Waffles made with pumpkin spice can help add variety to your banquet. Even whipped cream made with essential oils like vanilla and cinnamon instead of sugar are inexpensive and worth the time to make when you see the surprise on everyones face. However you decide to brunch-n-munch it is sure to be a delicious decision!


Photots Courtesy of Elizabeth Myers and Sarah Katherine Davis

Title inspired by Elizabeth Myers

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