Valentine's Day: The Best Gift to Give


With Valentines day right around the corner a lot of people are scrambling to figure out how they want to celebrate it. Regardless of the fact that you are in a relationship or not (or if you even consider it something to celebrate) telling someone you love/like/admire/esteem them is always a great idea. A friend once said to me “I like it better than my birthday. I don't see it as a reason to celebrate romantic love as much as just love love.” So if you are worried about how to show your love without letting commercial consumerism pocket your savings, here are some great ideas to consider that won’t take a whole lot of cash but will have a huge impact:

1.) Buy a potted plant at your local garden center


If you are trying to purchase your significant other a dozen red roses, be prepared to fork over an exorbitant amount of cash. And if you are hoping to find that cheap bouquet sitting at your local grocery store, so is everyone else in this city. Instead why not consider giving flowers that won’t die after a week? Not only will you spend a considerable less amount of money but you can also get creative with your choice of plant. Maybe the receiver is an avid cook and would appreciate an herb plant. Or if you can’t find what it is you are looking for maybe you can buy some seeds instead and plant them together!

2.) Browse your local antiquities shop

Joy Ley.jpg

Sometimes the hardest thing can be finding something to do on this particular day. If you don’t have dinner reservations, tickets to a show, or money for a bar then you might have a hard time finding things to do. May I suggest browsing your local antique/second hand shops? Louisville has some great places to go browse such as Joe Ley’s, Derby City Antique Mall, Yesternook, The Crazy Daisy, and many others. Even if you aren’t interested in buying anything these places are HUGE and are like museums full of things to look at. Maybe you could even find a creative vase or pottery to hold that plant you just bought!

3.) Write a message in a card

Valentines Day Card.JPG

A card is an inexpensive thing to buy and even the most DIY cursed individual can make one. Sometimes just the simple act of letting someone know you are thinking about them is the best gift of all. Writing a personal note inside can give it a special meaning no box of chocolates could ever compete with. Even the simplest of messages have a huge impact, it’s the act of letting someone know they matter that counts. You can use paper around your home and even make is special for a few dollars. You’d be surprised at the things you have lying around that make good decorations. Maybe some ribbons stuck in a christmas bag or some house paint left over. Sponges cut into shapes make good stamps, and even pictures off of facebook can be printed for pocket change at your local Walgreens.

4.) Make dinner instead of reservations

Serving Dinner.jpg

As a food enthusiast for life I can say that going out to eat always sounds good to me. However, my checking account doesn’t always agree with me on this. In these cases why not make dinner instead? And if you aren’t Edward Lee in the kitchen that’s ok; there’s always pizza (even really good take out is acceptable)! Homemade meals are great, and pizza is super simple to make. Have fun picking out toppings you’ll both love and maybe learn some valuable information about someone else's tastes. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace make sure to stock up on fuel to keep you warm through the chilly February night. Or build a blanket fort and snuggle up to watch a favorite film!

5.) The gift of giving keeps on giving!

Freya 3.JPG

There is nothing better than coming home to find your dishes in the sink cleaned and put away, or the laundry folded and off the floor. Maybe design and create a coupon book filled with things that will matter most! There are always the usual things you can do for your significant other such as foot rubs, cleaning out the car, etc. However here are some suggestions that are good for anyone you want to show love to:

  • Designated Driver for the night

  • Pick up takeout the next time you order

  • Can have any desired seat on the next road trip

  • Watch any movie that is picked

  • Can have control of the car radio for a full day

How ever you decide to spend this coming V-day just remember it’s not about the money, chocolates, or flowers. The point is to let those around you know that you’re happy they are in your life. And in the end the best gift is always love in all its many forms!

Photos Courtesy of Lauren O'Neil

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