Wes Fest 2015 UPDATE

Just in case you missed the festivities this past Saturday... IT WAS FANTASTIC! The live music and the costumed crowd really made this evening shine. Below are some photos of all the happenings and great accomplishments of the night. It was a terrific event that supports and wonderful goal! To learn more about FEVA and to view even more photographs visit their site!


Greeting guests as they entered into the Mercury Ballrooms main space was this beautiful creation by Sugar Mama's Bakery. The sweet sweet scent of sugar wafted off this delicious confectionery decoration enticing all those who came near it like Pooh Bear to a honey pot.


Part of me wanted to eat this.... I refrained from doing so and kept decorum.... for now.


This was a great event for such a terrific cause. IME wants to help spread the word about FEVA and all it's trying to accomplish. Please help support this amazing mission!


In case you left your sweat bands at home, you're covered.


Mr. and Mrs. Fox showed up! Presumably trouble is about to ensue.


There was a video installation that was cleverly done. Guests were allowed to change the video from a menu on a touch pad near by. Somehow the video didn't play on the exposed brick.... I wonder how they did that.


This was a terrific replica of the tree house from Moonrise Kingdom. Too bad it wasn't a bit bigger, maybe next year they will make a life size replica to hang out in!


I love the little details inside, this was expertly done and a fantastic display!


Nellie Pearl along with many other bands dressed up in costumes for their performances.


It looks warm under those lights and costumes, but not matter the harsh conditions everyone put on a great show!


It looks like Steve Zissou finally caught up with that Jaguar shark so it could be displayed for the event. So scary looking!


Photos Courtesy of Lauren O'Neil

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