I know it’s February. January is usually the time that everyone talks of the coming year; their hopes and dreams, new routines, and even changes to come. Well, we are doing it in February this year, and better late than never. Our first post is full of meaning for us for many reasons. Finally we are blogging! Finally we are putting ourselves out there in a brand new way! Finally! And I can’t think of a better way to start than with something like a word of the year.

We first were introduced to the word of the year idea through Mandy Kellogg Rye, of Waiting on Martha, who we met in 2014 when we attended the Brand Workshop in Atlanta. Mandy has remained a source of inspiration to us, and this year we are borrowing her idea to share one word with the world that will be our inspiration for the year to come.

Look out 2016… this is our year to Actualize!

ACTUALIZE: a verb (used with object), actualized, actualizing

1. to make actual or real; turn into action or fact.

2. existing in act and not merely potential

So the word “actualize” to us means a lot of things. Some of you might know that Ina and I have known each other going on 20 years. This business, while officially starting in 2012, was first conceived in 2005, when we shared an apartment after graduating from college. We schemed and dreamed of one day owning a business together, although at the time we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do. Our calling to event planning wouldn’t come until later. However, the point remains that IME has been in the works for that long. And now here it is; actualized!

Even though we have been in business in some way shape or form for the past four years and are now well established within our community, this is the year we will put into motion our best intentions, someday plans, and “wouldn’t it be nice if we could…”s! This means more work for us, and we couldn’t be more excited, because with that work comes fulfillment of dreams eleven years in the making. This blog is in many ways our first step to actualizing! It’s something we have been wanting, planning for, and meaning to do for quite sometime. And here it is! Hello! Please check back often to see what we are up to and how we are doing with our year of actualization! Lookout Louisville and 2016…IME is coming to getcha!

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